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Fiction & Ramblings by Gilly

Sheltered in a Harsh World

27 April 1978
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Lucius Malfoy is dominating Hermione Granger

What's Your Harry Potter OTP?
St. Dymphna's - A Harry Potter RPG

Severus Snape has tried a love potion on Hermione Granger

What's Your Harry Potter OTP?
St. Dymphna's - A Harry Potter RPG

I'm just a married 27 year old stay at home mom who spends her days reading naughty fics. -weg- Oh, and I write some, and do some web site design. I also co-own a text based role playing game (A MUD) called Kingdoms of the Lost. Http://kotl.org

slytherin bad boys are love
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hermione/severus are love
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hermione/viktor is love
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by circumlocutions

Potterpuffs are "Everyone laughs at Snape's undies" love.
Images from the amazing potterpuffs|||Color bar made by siriuspotter

PotterPuffs are love

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hermione/fred/george is love
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